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Book 2 in the Trina Ryan's Dogs in Training Series
Starting Over

Bronze Medal Winner / Reader's Favorite Book Award

Trina Ryan's challenging summer starts off with the excitement of training a new service dog, an eight-week old black Labrador. While training Colton, Trina takes a job at her neighbor's barn in exchange for riding the barn's schooling horse.

Before long, Trina butts heads with Morgan Hart, a skilled but ill-tempered rider with a gorgeous thoroughbred named Knight. Adding to her list of frustrations, Trina struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship with Chase, her summertime boyfriend, and stop the unwanted attention of a boy in her puppy training class.

At least her best friend Sarah still has her back, but Morgan's bad attitude bothers Trina. Feeling courageous, she decides to use her dog training skills to develop Morgan's trust. Slowly Morgan's angry shield cracks enough to share a troubling family secret. Can Trina help Morgan confront her family problems and make a fresh start?


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Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite   

Starting Over: A Trina Ryan Novel, Volume 2 is a young adult coming of age novel written by Sheri S. Levy. While this is the second volume in the series, Levy gives sufficient background information within the story to allow it to be enjoyed as a standalone novel. Losing Sydney had been so hard for Trina, even as she recalled how well Sydney had interacted with Logan, a young autistic boy. The year she had spent training Sydney as a service dog had been an amazing experience, but returning him had taken so much resolve. ....

Sheri S. Levy’s young adult coming of age novel, Starting Over: A Trina Ryan Novel, Volume 2, gives the reader a privileged look at the world of guide dog training and those who put heart and soul into their work with those dogs. .... I was also mesmerized by the parallel story about Trina’s work with horses and her interactions with the new girl, Morgan, and her horse, Knight. While this is listed as a book for young adults, I would unhesitatingly recommend it to preteens as well as any dog and horse-loving adults out there. Levy has a gift for communicating her own love of these marvelous beings to her readers, and she imparts some grand training and interaction methods to her audience while delivering a first-rate plot complete with finely drawn characters. Starting Over: A Trina Ryan Novel, Volume 2 is most highly recommended

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Book 1 in the Trina Ryan's Dogs in Training Series
Seven Days to Goodbye

Gold Medal Winner / Reader's Favorite Book Award

After Trina’s beloved dog dies, she swears she’ll never get another one. But then she learns about service dogs, and realizes that if she becomes a Puppy Raiser, she could train puppy after puppy and never worry about them dying. But like all great ideas, this one has a serious flaw: her first service puppy must be returned to his kennel at the end of their week-long summer vacation on Edisto Island… and saying goodbye to Sydney is going to be much tougher than she ever imagined.

Trina’s last week with Sydney is made that much harder by her newly strained friendship with her best friend, Sarah, who’s become so over-the-top boy crazy that she’s almost like a stranger. Sarah is determined to have them hang out with every boy at the beach. But when a boy named Chase takes an interest in Sydney and Trina, because of his brother's autism, it puts an even bigger strain on their friendship.

It’s hard enough to deal with loosing Sydney, but now she just may lose her best friend, too. And even if she manages to patch things up with Sarah—and figures out what to do about Chase—she still must face a daunting decision: is she strong enough to take on another service puppy?


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Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite   

I very much enjoyed Seven Days to Goodbye. Author Sheri S. Levy has done a fantastic job in writing a book with a great deal of appeal, especially for a person who loves dogs and has had a profound relationship with an animal. The author's ability to create characters that her readers will connect with, relate to, and truly care about is exemplary, and certainly a hallmark of a very skilled author. I highly recommend Seven Days to Goodbye to any young adult reader who loves an emotional story or who loves dogs and animals. I am also looking forward to reading more from the very promising author, Sheri S. Levy. I certainly hope that she's hard at work on the second installment of this series as I write Full review

Literary Fiction Book Review

If you have a soft heart, this book may bring tears, but they’ll be sad-happy ones. Sheri Levy’s touching YA book, Seven Days to Goodbye, about a teen that foster-trains young service dogs is an entertaining foray into the inevitable coming-of-age lessons about change, loss, growth and relationships.

Throughout the book Levy uses her astute research on the training of service dogs to connect readers emotionally with the process of training assistance animals, and how it can affect the lives of those who train them.

Verdict: A barking good young adult story for dog lovers of any age  Full Review

Scent with Love

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but for Hayden J., his dog is a life saver! Sheri’s magazine article about a Diabetic Alert dog, Scent with Love, was published in Clubhouse Magazine in July, 2010. This story was nominated for a Maxwell Medallion Award with the Dog Writers Association of America’s competition in their General Interest category and received the Special Interest award at their February, 2011 awards banquet in New York.


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