Author School Visits

Choose between an informative visit, or a writing workshop in class. (Can combine two classes. for one session)

Grades 4th-8th: Programs can last 30-60 minutes, depending on criteria. Younger grades-less time.

I love eating lunch with a small group to discuss-whatever they want to know.

Number of sessions per day will depend on length of workshops.


Tips for Organizing a Terrific School Visit


  1. Provide books for your students to read ahead of time.

  2. Book a visit early: By giving the students enough time to read the book ahead of my visit, they can actively engage in the discussions. (If the students haven’t read the book ahead, I will use paragraphs or chapters from the book to demonstrate the skills I plan to teach.)

  3. Have the students show their creative projects: This allows the students to share their ideas on the story and to practice public speaking.

  4. Plan time for Book signings. This gives one on one time for interested students and can inspire them with encouraging words written in their book.  It does go faster if they  already have books provided for them.

    Barking Rain Press offers a 50% discount to schools.


    Order Ahead: Have them delivered to the school, giving each person a chance to read ahead. For those who haven’t purchased a book, I will bring extras. 

     CONTACT ME to discuss your options.



Writing workshops:

Using the grade level curriculum guides, I will teach a brief writing class. If the teacher requests a particular skill, I will focus on that area.

Using the Book:

  1. Reinforce: writing techniques the students have already used in class, and compare how they were used in my story.

  2. Creating the idea, writing the rough draft, having critiques, putting those comments to good use, and finally, revising.

  3. Editing isn’t a bad word!




Sheri did a great job speaking to my class of third and fourth graders. She told them all about her real dogs and described the plot of her book to them. She held their interest very well, and they learned a lot about the process of becoming a published writer.

Laura Kennedy, IMA Teacher

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